HDC offers solutions for resyndication, which seeks a new allocation of credits to ensure preservation of existing low-income housing tax credit properties. A new allocation of credits can help to refurbish and upgrade properties, making them more marketable and also making them more environmentally friendly.

Resyndicating a property can be a daunting task. HDC is here to guide other affordable housing nonprofits a wealth of experience in navigating this tricky terrain, providing assistance with both development and complex compliance issues.

Here are just some of the areas where we can provide assistance:

  • Coordination with State Housing Finance Agencies (HFA)
  • Review and Development of Qualified Allocation Plans (QAP)
  • Incentives, Requirements, Sustainability Standards
  • Building Code Changes and Retrofits
  • Funding Sources, Affordability Periods, Gap Financing
  • Potential Property Conflicts with New/Old Development
  • Property Reserves and Real Estate Value Transfers
  • Resident Displacement and Relocation
  • Acquisition Credits, Budget, and Operating Information
  • Physical Needs Assessments and Application Assistance