The Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation (HDC), a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, provides development consulting services to housing authorities and affordable housing developers. HDC has been the lead developer on mixed-use, mixed-income and redeveloped housing projects. Our proven success can be attributed to HDC’s ability to keenly identify and address the low-income and workforce families’ housing needs in Monterey County as well as in other jurisdictions, and the unique expertise of our consultants.

All HDC consultants have national experience in developing and subsidizing affordable housing, and now they are sharing their wealth of knowledge and hands-on involvement to help other housing authorities and developers. HDC’s expertise also includes project-based accounting, business process management and automation, and information technology systems. HDC’s award-winning team has effectively guided affordable housing developers on how to get their projects funded, approved and built. Now let us help you.